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Proud Papas

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Proud Papa's is a place for fathers to gloat, brag, and help each other with their kid(s).

I started this site as I found no lj accounts, (at the time), that supported fathers who are not asshats and are in the picture of how their kid is being brought up.

I (your moderator crap_fink ) will not tolerate assholes. If someone is screwing with you, please let me know and i'll do my best to remedy the situation as fast as possible.

Racism, or bigotry in general, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Please when you join post some info such as...

Other than "dad" I go by:

Age of dad:


Name of child(ren):

Age of child(ren):

The most important thing about being a father to me is:

Favorite music/movies/interest:

One thing I want everyone to know about me:

Pictures (optional):