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Parental bragging [Mar. 15th, 2006|03:43 pm]
Proud Papas


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[music |Lone Justice - Reflected (On My Side)]

My son Max is excited about next year. He was tested again today for Kindergarten as he will be starting this fall.

His Preschool teacher told me they were working on words that match the alphabet.

It was Max's turn and he got the letter "I" and he said the word "Inappropriate" starts with the letter "I".

The next time around Max picked the letter "U". His teacher asked what letter starts with the letter "U". Max replied "Uranium" starts with the letter "U".

Mind you Max is only age 5 (6 in July).

Ash turns 4 in a couple of weeks and is right behind Max with his reading skills.

They both wake up in the morning and will start reading a pile of books on their own. They enjoy television as much as the next kid, but will turn it off on their own after a while to read, play with legos, draw or "work on their films" as they say. They both love to watch all the "making of" documentaries that accompany DVD's and learn how films are made and computer animated. They work on their story boards, character designs and set layouts.